Reflecting my learning, part I

October has arrived, rainy weathers take over and it slowly starts to get colder day by day. The first part of my LET studies is almost over. This means that it’s time to look back at what we’ve learned.

The main two things that come to my mind about our studies so far are the presentations and study circles. The presentations were nicely put together, every group put a lot of effort in them. It was interesting to follow through the differences between the countries. The other main thing that comes to my mind, the theory studying and the study circles, were a lot of work. The articles were not all so easy to follow and I found myself confused by many things in them. Later, reflecting back on the study circle working, I find it very helpful. The visualization of our thinking made the big picture clearer. I could also put forth the questions I had and the overall confusion I had about the articles.

I found the study circles helpful myself and I bet they were helpful for the rest of our group as well. We talked about the topics, not only about the article, but also about the theories and history of the research behind it. We also took the study findings and adapted them to real-life situations we’ve had or theoretical circumstances.
The study circles not only made us summarize and discuss the articles, they also elucidated collaborative working in action. I noticed that collaborative studying is easier when you somewhat know where everybody’s coming from: what kind of theoretical background they have and in what kind of perspectives do they see when discussing the article. We had a heterogeneous group, people with different educational backgrounds with the combining factor of our LET studies.

Overall I liked our working methods in the intro and learning theory courses: first the theory, then the application. It’s very effective and gives the student opportunities to put the theories in to practice, rather than just read through the materials, try to memorize them and then have the exam (although we did have this as well). The implementation of the theories made it easier to understand and easier to remember in the future.

My expectations for the second part are not that clear to me, since I don’t feel that I really have expectations for it for the one way or the other. What I mean by it is that I assume that we’ll have lots of different opinions and we’re going to have to do a lot of consent on many things, since we’re going to work with people we don’t know and won’t be able to see and thus it’s harder to get to know each other. Nevertheless, I’m going for the second part with an open mind.


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Hi! I'm Katri. I study educational sciences and psychology in Oulu University.
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